Preparation and characterization of candelilla fiber and its reinforcing effect in polypropylene composites. Composta de Candelilla, tendría beneficios sociales y comerciales.   Thermal and Textural Properties of Organogels Developed by Candelilla Wax in Safflower Oil-UASLP.
Relationship Between Molecular Structure and Thermo-mechanical Properties of Candelilla Wax and Amides Derived from (R)-12-Hydroxystearic Acid as Gelators of Safflower Oil.   The Effect of Tripalmitin Crystallization on the Thermomechanical Properties of Candelilla Wax Organogels.   Rheological Properties of Candelilla Wax and Dotriacontane Organogels Measured with a True-Gap System.  
Phase behavior and Strucure of systems based on mixtures of n-hentriacontane and Melissic acid