About us

Candelilla Institute is an organization that unites the efforts of business, academia and government, toward achieving the objective of efficiently realizing the various functions in the value chain related to the production of wax from the Mexican Candelilla plant.

The Mission of Candelilla Institute establishes the realization of the following key objectives:

  • To incorporate cutting-edge technology in the supply, exploitation, extraction and refining of Candelilla wax, in order to guarantee the competitiveness of its products in diverse applications.
  • To undertake projects of sustainable development, including inventory, cultivation and distribution, in order to assure the rational exploitation and conservation of the Candelilla plant Euphorbia Cerifera.
  • To promote the increased use of products made from Candelilla wax in national and international markets, using marketing programs developed by experts.
  • To develop high value-products from Candelilla wax, supported by research and development programs oriented toward satisfying specific market needs.
  • To promote the introduction of tangible social development programs that will contribute toward improving the standard of living of the people in the Candelilla Region of the Chihuahuan Desert.