Government Support

Exploitation of resources in the Chihuahuan Desert has been undertaken without an efficient scheme for social retribution, which could transcend into the creation of the productive bases and diversify the economic activities of the region.

For this reason, the production of Candelilla wax has become the only source of survival for a considerable number of the inhabitants of the region. This activity has formed part of their productive culture for over three generations and is intimately linked to the economic, social and political history of the region.

In the past, efforts have been made through both public and private institutions, focusing on increasing productive investment in the Candelilla Region. However, the results of these programs have been insufficient in light of the magnitude of the problem and given the absence of an integral program, which would cover the aspects of sustainable, technological and human growth.

The possibilities for successfully implementing a program for the integral development of the Candelilla industry depend, to a great extent, on the integration of a multi-disciplinary team committed to achieving results in light of a complex situation. It implies the participation of people with complementary strengths, who involve the business, academic and government sectors in this effort.

In light of this, support from the Mexican Government is essential for carrying out the objectives of Candelilla Institute. The following government agencies are fundamental to collaborate in this important project: