NEWS – UASLP works in a research project

UASLP works in a research project, for the application of Candelilla wax in food products.
NOV. 09/2005

The Department of Chemistry of the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi (Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí-UASLP in Spanish), is conducting a research project on the use of Candelilla wax to develop organogels, in blends with vegetable oils with high oleic acid concentration.

The aim of this project is to support the use of native vegetable oils in the production of structured products such as spreads, margarine and coatings without the use of hydrogenated oils. These oils have high concentrations of trans fatty acids.

The results of several clinical trials, carried out in different countries, associate the increase in “bad” cholesterol and the decrease in “good” cholesterol with diets rich in trans fatty acids. These conditions are highly associated with a larger incidence of cardiovascular diseases.

The adverse effects of these fatty acids have been recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and by the European Food Safety Authority. FDA requires that, starting 2006, the trans fat content must be listed on the nutrition information labels.

This project is carried out by Juan A. Morales and the project leader is Dr. Jorge Toro, both researchers of UASLP.

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